• Cooking Class: Anuket

    Dear settler cooks,

    take a look at today’s sweet settler’s recipe. This spotlight not only seduces you with its «Chant of Focus», it’s also full of delicious ingredients. Your settlers would like this too, so give it a try. We are looking forward to your variations!

    Join the Cooking CLass!

    Join in and learn all about the interaction in our forum!

    Have fun cooking,

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  • TSO is moving to Unity!

    Dear Settlers,

    With Halloween approaching, we also want to give you another update on the future of TSO. It is time to finally reveal the technology we have chosen: Unity! 

    Despite us having started this immense endeavour quite some time ago, we will have to bridge the first three months of 2021 with a downloadable flash-based client. For more details, head over to our >forum<.

    Stay tuned as we will provide more information and a timeline of what is to come soon.

    Happy Halloween!

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  • Dev Diary: Halloween Event 2020

    Dear Settlers,

    As this year’s Halloween Event is creeping around the corner, it’s time to feast your eyes on the newly published Dev Diary and find out more about the upcoming features:

    • New Specialists: Ghost General, Scared Explorer and Chummy Geologist!
    • New Quests: Can you complete the Darkhood Quest Chain?
    • New Buildings: Blacktree and Wonderous Halloween Residence!
    • New Calendar Rewards: New spooky rewards for your to unlock over the event!

    Read all the ins and outs of this year’s Halloween Event in our Dev Diary!

    Happy haunting!

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