• Dev Diary: Easter Event 2020

    Dear Settlers,

    As this year’s Easter Event is just around the corner, it’s time to feast your eyes on the newly published Dev Diary and find out more about the upcoming features:

    • Settlers University: The special item of 2017 is back once again
    • New building: The Titanium Hen, which lays Titanium Ore Eggs
    • Specialist: The Cloaked General, who reduces Boss damage by 25%
    • New Seasonal Adventures: Granting both double resources and experience

    Read all the ins and outs of this year’s Easter Event in our Dev Diary!

    Happy egg-hunting!

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  • Stay safe — stay home

    Dear Settlers,

    During hard times it’s especially important to take care of friends, family, and your communities. To make it easier for you to cope with this unprecedented situation, we want to support you! Check out your Ingame Mails!

    • Wash your hands frequently — 20 seconds minimum.
    • Avoid touching your face — namely your eyes, mouth, and nose.
    • Avoid physical contact when greeting — use «contactless» greeting!
    • Help vulnerable groups of people — especially if you’re young and healthy.

    Find out more in our forum.

    Safe settling,

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  • Special Spring Gem Packages

    Dear Settlers,
    We’re offering extra Gems this Spring Season, with our new +125% Packages!

    Spring Special Gem Package

    • Start: 16th of March 2020
    • End: 20th of April 2020
    • Bonus: +125%
    • Restrictions: Each +125% package can be purchased only once per player

    Jump over to the Shop to find out more!

    Happy Spring! 

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